Cotton Elastane

From seed to garment, Cotton is a natural fibre that comes from the boll of a Cotton plant. Our Cotton composition is 96% Cotton, 4% Elastane. The Cotton rich nature of the garment means it is breathable and regulates heat to help maintain a comfortable temperature.

The Elastane component comprised in the garment is deliberate. This in combination with Cotton allows for significant stretch in the garment. This means it is a comfortable option for children.

Cotton Elastane for children has a quality that is breathable, crisp, soft, stretchy and comfortable.

Cotton can be machine washed.
To prevent garments from shrinking select a cool machine wash cycle.
Wash with like colours to keep garments looking their best.
Treat stains before washing by dabbing a small amount of stain remover on the area.
Hang Cotton out to dry, as heat from dryers can cause it to shrink.