Founded in 2000 with a pursuit of creating everything that is beautiful for children. TINY TRIBE is a business built on passion and compassion, and is committed to its contribution to children and communities. Rooted in a foundation of philanthropy, charity has remained close to the heart of TINY TRIBE, as it continues to focus on projects that share a deep care for our people and planet – hoping to make material differences for those in need. Here we share some of our philanthropic partners around the world and in our home, Australia.
A non profit organisation working to dismantle multi-generational poverty. Providing essential goods and services to low income parents and caregivers - creating an upward trajectory for families and ultimately improving outcomes for children. TINY TRIBE have partnered with the Good + Foundation in the re-distribution of its clothing across the United States. It remains a top product donor for the Good+Foundation and is continuing this into 2024.
i=Change exists to accelerate the impact of extraordinary development projects focused on women and girls’ empowerment, and also mitigate the impacts on the environment. TINY TRIBE have partnered with i=change to donate $1 of every sale on our website to life-changing projects such as Empowering women in the pacific; help people, help planet and, Help tiny babies survive.
A non profit organisation aiming to remove the causes of poverty and promote solidarity and social justice, acting as a voice of the poor and the marginalised.
TINY TRIBE honours its heritage and the lineage of its Directors through product donations from our TINY TRIBE collections to Caritas Croatia.