This is How we Flatlay

Friday, 29 May. 2015 By TINY Stylist

It’s all about layers as winter is approaching. This super stylish OOTD features our Boy’s Chino in Navy,  Graphic Tee with Classic Black Stripe with Pocket and Shirt with Pop Blue Check Print

Here are our top tips for a successful flatlay:

  1. Ensure you have a good source of light, we use studio lights to take our product shots, but natural light, near a window is a good option too.
  2. Find a worthy (and basic) background. This can be a white sheet, lounge room floor, plywood, grass or anything flat!
  3. Get your camera way up high. For us this means using our trusty tripod. You could use a chair, table, bed or anything that allows you to get that perfect aerial view.
  4. Style your clothes, fold the sleeves in and create details in the pieces like folding the cuffs of the sleeves.
  5. Make sure there is space between your items to create balance within the frame. Take a few test shots and move items around to see what works.
  6. Throw in some fun accessories!
  7. Get snapping.

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The New Cool

Thursday, 14 May. 2015 By TINY Stylist

Excuse the capitals, we are just feeling extremely excited over here at TINY TRIBE! We have been working hard (and having a great time) re-styling our accessories for our website.

Styled with pineapples, confetti and lollies galore, we think our new direction is hot to trot. Have a look at our hair ties and clips here and adorable boys bowties here.

Stay tuned for a Cushions and Limited Edition Print refresh.

Oh Mama

Friday, 08 May. 2015 By TINY Stylist

Mother’s Day Checklist:

- Relax
- Breakfast in bed
- Drink tea
- No tantrums
- Presents
- Online shopping

This is your weekend. Find time to do the things you love. We love this gorgeous photograph captured during our W15 photoshoot. If only there were kisses and cuddles all the time, right.