From Cray to Zeee

Friday, 12 Feb. 2016 By TINY Stylist
winter 2016 coming soon

You say A to Z, we say Crazy to Zeee.

Winter doesn’t have to be boring! In fact, winter will be bolder and brighter than ever in TINY TRIBE threads. Here in the design studio we have let loose the pipe cleaners, the googly eyes and the hundreds and thousands on a season bursting with personality.

Just landed in the TINY TRIBE store is new season SOOKIbaby, funky directional prints and patterns in beautiful fabrics perfect for baby. Shop the collection here.

Keep SALE-ING ON with past season styles discounted here.

Story of the Moment

Friday, 27 Nov. 2015 By TINY Stylist

Peachy pinks, sunshine yellow, grassy greens and the roar of a tiger. It’s all about attitude with TINY TRIBEs Summer ’15 digital floral.

Fashion Tip: Mix florals with stripes for a refreshing instant outfit. Or simply pop this adorable capped sleeved dress on for an even more instant outfit. Accessorise with pastel pinks to stay ahead of the fashion pack.

You can shop the look here:

  1. Digital Floral Dress
  2. Stripe Tee
  3. Digital Floral Leggings
  4. Pink Hair Clip



Friday, 20 Nov. 2015 By TINY Stylist

Introducing, the GIFT OF THE MOMENT from none other than The Ideabox Kids.
Do you need to do your Christmas Shopping? Clean the Kitchen? Simply spend some time alone without ‘mummy, mummy mummy’ coming at you in all directions? TINY TRIBE has the solution for you.

An Idea Box is a little box filled with wood coins that hold activities, ideas, chores, story starters and more…depending on the theme of your Idea Box. Your child will love reaching into the box and pulling out a coin. Not only is it a surprise every single time…it’s also secretly educational! Encouraging development in new and exciting ways.

You can buy the following Idea Box themes from the TINY TRIBE website here:

Quiet Time, Big Brother, Little Sister, Ideas & Activities, Family Games, Life Skills, Chores, Airplane, Summer Activities, Toddler Activities, Wiggle Box, Science, Birthday, Paper Activities and Story Box.


Friday, 13 Nov. 2015 By TINY Stylist

DONUT DISTURB, making the most awesome hat in the world!”
This is what you will say to your friends when you get busy this weekend!

To make this hat you will need:

1 wide brim hat in a neutral colour
Pink Paint
Coloured Card

Its as easy as:

Paint the hat carefully avoiding the middle
Cut out sprinkle shapes from your coloured card
Place sprinkles on brim in desired position
Glue in place

For variations such as chocolate use brown paint! mmm chocolate.

D . T D – S H

Friday, 06 Nov. 2015 By TINY Stylist

Clothing with EMPHASIS are trending this summer.

Think dot, dash, hashtag, equals, plus sign and don’t stop there. Then think all-over patten in a punchy colour way and you’re bang on trend.

Shop dot tee here. Leggings can be found here (dash) and here (dot).

PSST 20% off online at www.TINY right now with the code SING20



Trick or Treat?

Friday, 30 Oct. 2015 By TINY Stylist


The tribe are feeling a bit festive this week. We’ve seen lots of little ones dressed up and door knocking this week, hoping to load their pumpkins with sugary treats!
So here’s a SNEAKY PEAK at this super cute monster-vibing tee coming soon to TINY TRIBE.

Join in the halloween spirit and load up your shopping cart with some spooky goodies like this, this and that!

See you in November xx



Thursday, 15 Oct. 2015 By TINY Stylist

Here’s a riddle for you.

Q: What do you get when you cross two adorable little munchkins with a photo studio full of cellophane?
A: A very tired Mama!

It’s totally worth it when we have a great album of pictures to keep forever and a super cute fashion feature for the TINY TRIBE website. See the final product here! 

This seasons SOOKIbaby threads are so fresh and cool. Click here to shop GIRLS or BOYS.


Siblings in Stripes

Friday, 09 Oct. 2015 By TINY Stylist

It’s not every day that you get the pleasure of photography adorable siblings, so last week we took the opportunity to rock the matchy-matchy summer vibes.

Zvonne wears White Sketchbook’s Green Saint Short Sleeve Tee and the amazing Knit Short with Back Spraypaint Face from TINY TRIBE.

Marina is looking oh so cute in the Stripe Dress with Navy Palm Print that we just had to bring back in stock this summer to keep those tropical beach vibes flowing.

Stripes + Siblings. SO GOOD.


Easy Backdrop DIY

Friday, 02 Oct. 2015 By TINY Stylist

THE PARTY CONTINUES, we launched a bunch of new TINY TRIBE baby products online this week! To celebrate our gorgeous Tie Shoulder Playsuit in Chevron we wanted to create a multicoloured, super fun and easy backdrop to shoot against. Perhaps you could try this as a fun long weekend project!

To make this backdrop you will need:

10 rolls of crepe paper in colours to match your event/photoshoot.
Masking tape
A portable rod or even just use a wall

Its as easy as:

Cut your crepe paper to the desired length
Either masking tape the crepe paper to the wall behind your table or your desired area or throw them over the rod for a more full look
Tape in place
TA DA! Told you it was easy. There are so many possibilities, just don’t go getting them wet now.