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Check Meow-t

Friday, 10 Jun. 2016 By TINY Stylist

Cat lovers rejoice.
TINY TRIBE has delivered another season crawling with kitty themed threads and cat puns.
“You’ve Cat To Be Kitten Me!” we hear you say!
“Somebody Hit the Paw-se Button” we reply, stop what you are doing and have a look right MEOW.

Cat To Be Kitten Tee for baby and kid  here.
Shop Cat To Be Kitten Tunic for baby and kid here.
For an all in one easy peasy outfit solution for baby, chew-s Cat To Be Kitten Long Sleeve Romper.

Dog lovers, never fear, see the latest Fashion Feature on if you are both a cat and dog person. Its Raining Cats and Dogs features painterly strokes and a bright all over print.

Until next time, keep being paw-some!


Friday, 27 May. 2016 By TINY Stylist

Hello world. Hello Archer.  Meet model of the moment Archer who featured in our May Over The Moon Fashion Feature. Archer is wearing TINY TRIBE  Galaxy Romper ($29.95). To complete the look add Broderpress Moon Cushion (RRP $38.95 but currently on sale!) Archer certainly does look cheeky, playing with the props and sporting an ‘it wasn’t me’ look. Oh dear, so irresistibly cute.
Shop the look at and take baby on a trip through the galaxy.

Monochrome Madness

Friday, 20 May. 2016 By TINY Stylist

Welcome to monochrome madness, where everything monochrome is seriously happening right now. Shop the look over on TINY TRIBE and embrace simple cool with a pop of quirky.

Black on white and white on black.
We’ve got stripes and smiles a plenty.

Rompers: Whisker Romper in BlackSloth Long Sleeve Romper
Top: Boys Abstract Sweat Top BlackGenius At Work Classic Long Sleeve Tee
Bottom: Low Slung Sweat Pant in BlackMonochrome Stripe LeggingPaint Me Happy Full Circle Skirt
Accessories: Fun SocksBlack Hair Clip and Brooch




Let’s Face It

Friday, 29 Apr. 2016 By TINY Stylist

Faces are super cute and very on trend.
We’ve got you covered with a face for every hour of the day, because let’s face it, sometimes that is how fast our mood can change. Up to down, kitten to tiger, crazy to content! So why not embrace the mood and wear it loud and proud!
Here are some fun threads that you can find on for every mood of the day:

Phew, thats a lot of faces! Which one are you today?

Must Have Mustard

Friday, 22 Apr. 2016 By TINY Stylist
trending, mustard

When we see Mustard this season we think ‘Must Have’!

The TINY TRIBE website is brimming with hot trending pieces and this seasons must-have’s include a quirky snapback with a fluffy black pompom on top, a beanie, a staple long sleeve tee, solid mustard funky leggings for the little man or miss, SOOKIbaby cool cat funky leggings and a padded vest for kid to bounce around in at the playground.

Mustard makes us think of warm snuggly cuddles with a litter of kittens, the tingle of afternoon sun on your skin and hot apple crumble (maybe that’s just because mustard rhymes with custard). So if you feel this way too (and we strongly recommend you do), hop on over and shop the look.


Friday, 13 Nov. 2015 By TINY Stylist

DONUT DISTURB, making the most awesome hat in the world!”
This is what you will say to your friends when you get busy this weekend!

To make this hat you will need:

1 wide brim hat in a neutral colour
Pink Paint
Coloured Card

Its as easy as:

Paint the hat carefully avoiding the middle
Cut out sprinkle shapes from your coloured card
Place sprinkles on brim in desired position
Glue in place

For variations such as chocolate use brown paint! mmm chocolate.


Friday, 25 Sep. 2015 By TINY Stylist

Hey there human,
If you aren’t feeling the positive, sunshine-y vibes then you’ve come to the right place.
Yellow is proven to bring about happiness and glee to all those in its path.
It sure is clear to us that yellow makes us glow inside and out.
In this sneak peak of our the next TINY TRIBE Summer ’15 drop Luca is wearing a black raglan tee with a pop yellow octopus print.
Stay tuned for more than 40 new styles coming soon!
Happy weekend,
Love from the tribe xx

Holy Guacamole

Friday, 05 Jun. 2015 By TINY Stylist

Holy Guacamole! Winter really did sneak up on us this year. Don’t forget that while it might be easy to leave the summer wares and hats at home when you head out with the little ones that the sun is still shining. Hat’s are for all year round, lets protect those smiling faces!

As the avo says a hat will match with everything already in your child’s wardrobe, so why not head on over here and browse our quirky selection of hats. See what we did there… head on…yep, we’re just gonna go and take our silly sense of humour and our hats out for a walk.

Have a lovely long weekend xx